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Update for tests after 4th December 2017



BOOK YOUR TEST ON THIS LINK  The cost is £62 weekdays (and £75 weekends if available)

Scrolldown for information and videos of the new exercises including 'Parking on the Right and Reversing', Forward Bay Parking and use of the SatNav ...or follow this link


Your local Driving Test Centre is located here:

Grangemouth Driving Test Centre
Units 36–37
Evans Easyspace
Earls Road

Please click here or see the map for the location.


This video shows how the test will work from 4 December 2017.

It’s quite normal to feel nervous on your test but rest assured, the Grangemouth Examiners are very friendly.   Please drive as if you are on a lesson as that is the environment you know, and please don’t do anything different because ‘you’re on your test!’


The test will normally run for no longer than 45 minutes as follows:

1.   Introduction from the examiner where you sign an insurance and ID confirmation.

2.   1 Tell me question at the start from a bank of 14.   Click here to see the full list.

3.   1 Show Me question on the road from a bank of 7.   Click here to see the full list.

4.   A drive on various road types including numerous stops and move-offs.

5.   1 manoeuvre chosen from the Parking on the right and rversing, Forward Bay Park and the Parallel Park.   (The Reverse Bay Park exercise is not carried out by the Falkirk Test Centre).

6.  An Emergency Stop.   However only 1 out of 3 tests is asked to carry out this exercise.

7. There is a section called 'Indepemdant Driving'   This lasts for no more than 20 mins.   The examiner will set up a SatNav with a predetermined route to follow.   The exercises may be completed during this section.   On 1/5 tests you may be asked to follow road signs to a particular destination.   


The Practical Test for Cars currently costs £62 weekdays and £75 weekends.

For more information and to book your test click here.   When asked for an Instructor Code please enter 189712.

You should be well prepared for the Practical Test which we will mutually agree upon.   We will also do at least 1 mock test prior to the real thing. 

 Good Luck!



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