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Well done to everyone who passed their Driving Test...!!

The photos have also been placed on the Mike Sword Driver Training FACEBOOK page.

Aidan Hallows
Passed 5th June 2024

...and a big thumb up from me too!!

Well done!!

Finlay Taylor
Passed 29th May 2024

Jeez!   That was early!!

Well done!!

Jason Matson
Passed 24th May 2024

Easier than you thought, eh!

Well done!!

Anneli Alle
Passed 23rd May 2024

Yes!! Yes!!  YESS!!


Gregor Skinner
Passed 17th April 2024

What a result!!

Nil points!!   Well done!!

Jamie Czaka
Passed 22nd March 2024


A fabulous grin for a great result!! 

Well done!!

Aidan Dunnigan
Passed 13th March 2024

Fabulous result!!

Well done Aidan! 

Reece Wilson
13th March 2024

Well done Reece!

A most escellent result! 

Matthew Guest
Passed 24th January 2024

Great result!

Well done!!

Sophie Duncan
Passed 29th December 2023

Well done!!

What a wonderful way to start the New Year!!

Valerie Dill
Passed 29th November 2023

Got there!!

Fabulous result!! 

Jenna Kiddie
Passed 14th November 2023

Well chuffed for ya!

Glad you got the result you wanted!

Molly Gardiner
Passed 20th September 2023

Well played!

Knew you could do it!! 

Jessica Thomson
Passed 10th August 2023

What a week!!

Result! Result! Result!!

Way to go, Jessica!!

Niamh Lindsay
Passed 31st July 2023

Excellent result!

Well done adapting to the new car!!

Andrew Dingwall
Passed 20th July 2023

Way to go, Andrew!

Well done adapting to the new car!!

Matthew Burke
Passed 19th July 2023

Nice one!!

Well done adapting to the new car!!

Nikita Fielder
Passed 18th July 2023

In the new car!!

Well done for adapting so soon and so well!!

Callum Moffat
Passed 30th June 2023

Knew you'd get there!

Way. To. Go. Callum!!

Nicole Sinclair
Passed 9th June 2023

Fantastic result!!

I hope you're enjoying your new motor!! 

Nicole Lafferty
Passed 8th June 2023

You DID it!!

Way to go!! 

Damien Riegel
Passed 31st May 2023

It all paid off!!

Great result, Damien!! :D

Judy Malone
Passed 25th May 2023

The kids will be well pleased!!

Well done Judy!  :D

Daniel Ritchie
Passed 11th May 2023

Too easy!! ;)

Well done Daniel!! :D

Oliver Harkins
Passed 2nd May 2023

A most excellent result!!

Well done Oliver! :D

Isla Mulholland
Passed 21st February 2023

A Great result!

Well done Isla :D

Ryan McKendrick
Passed 4th January 2023

What a fabulous way to start the year!

...a modest shy boy with zero faults!!   Well done!!

Xander McQueen
Passed 6th December 2022

THAT grin says everything!!   

Well done :D

Lucy Cheyne
Passed 1st December 2022

Well done for keeping things in focus!;)

Calum Taljard
Passed 17th November 2022

A fabulous result! Well done! 

John Park
Passed 14th November 2022

Well played, John!

Sorry I wasn't there to celebrate!

Emma Wilson
Passed 6th October 2022

What a great smile!!

Well chuffed for you!!

Kyle Spink
Passed 26th September 2022

Great result!

Well done, Kyle!!

Murray McGillivray
Passed 21st September 2022

A fabulous result in such a short time!

Nicely done!   Congratulations!!

David Petrea
Passed 20th September 2022

There's a proud looking lad!

Well done, David!!

Lewis Keeble
Passed 30th August 2022

A fabulous result!

Way to go Lewis!!

Ruairi Davidson
Passed 30th August 2022

A challenging route!!

Well done Ruairi!!

Idrees Kashif
Passed 9th August 2022

Fabulous Result!!

Well done Idrees!!

Steffan McGechie
Passed 22nd June 2022

Way to go, Steffan!

Sorry I couldn't be there to share your success!

Rory Moncur
Passed 14th June 2022

Keepin' it in the family ...LoL!

Way to go, Rory!!

Stephanie Smith
Passed 3rd June 2022

Way to go Stephanie!!

I had every faith in you! ...welll done!!

Blair Niblo
Passed 2nd June 2022

A major thumbs up!

Well done, Blair!!  

Rebecca Gray
Passed 25th May 2022

Way to go Rebecca!

Fabulous result!!

Alana Belanger
Passed 8th April 2022

Never doubted it!

Well done, Alana!   Way to go!!

Imogen Shields
Passed 1st April 2022

No 'foolin'' you today!!

Greate result, Imogen!   Well done!!

Lauren Forsyth
Passed 11th February 2022

Well played, Lauren!!

Enjoy your new found freedom!!

Caitie Doyle
Passed 10th February 2022

The Perfect route!

Great result, Caitie!!

Mad as a box o' frogs! (Caitie chose the picture!!)

Robbie Faulds
Passed 4th February 2022

Excellent result!!

Well done Robbie!!

Mairead Kiczynski
Passed 28th January 2022

Way to go, Mairead!!

Fabulous start to 2022!! 

Cameron Robertson
Passed 29th December 2021

Way to go Cameron!

A fabulous way to start 2022 :D

Callum Johnston
Passed 8th December 2021

Yay Callum!!   

A great result!   Well done!! :)

Daniel McPherson
Passed 6th December 2021

Way to go, Daniel!

...to infinity and beyond!! ;)

Marc Taljard
Passed 6th November 2021

A Fabulous result!  

Well done!!

Robyn Struthers
Passed 25th October 2021

Way to go, Robyn!

A fabulous result!   Enjoy your new freedom!!

Brooke Watson
Passed 8th October 2021

Fabulous result!!   Well done!  

Did I get the name right? ;)

Cameron Donald
Passed 8th September 2021

Way to go, Cameron!

Have fun driving those tanks!! ...LoL!

Katie-Ann Butt
Passed 3rd September 2021

Well, THAT was an eventful drive!!

Nicely and well done!!!

Finlay Wilson
Passed 3rd September 2021

Yay!   A Grand drive!

Well done!! 

Holly Jarvie
Passed 18th August 2021

Fabulous drive!

Well done!!

Josh Cameron
Passed 2nd August 2021

Way to go, Josh!

Kept yer cool! ;)

Kelly-Ann Syme (Falkirk)
Passed 29th July 2021

Fantastic result!!

Way to go, Kelly-Ann!!

Passed 5th July 2021

Another shy driver hits the road ;)

Well done!!

Michael Stevenson (Camelon)
Passed 25th June 2021

Way to go, Michael!!

Well done!! 

Neva Brown, Falkirk
Passed 17th June 2021

You can see the joy right there!!

Way to go Neva!! Well done!!

Ryan Young
Passed 8th June 2021

Way to go Ryan!

Nervous?   ...pah!!  Well done :)

Passed 3rd June 2021


...expected tbh, but still wishes to stay anonymous!

Lauren Lafferty
Passed 21st May 2021


Well done Lauren!   Brilliant result!!

Candis Wilsdon, Reddingmuirhead.
Passed 11th May 2021


Archie Moncur
Passed 17th December 2020

Phew!   Just in time!! 

Well done!! 

Euan McMeekin
Passed 28th November 2020

Welldone Euan!

Just sorry I couldn't be there.

Kyleigh Fielder
Passed 26th November 2020

Well done Kyleigh!

It's been a longgg time coming but makes it all worth it with a first time pass!

Well done!! 

Stampana Osenotse
Passed 27th February 2020


Well done Stampana!!

Good luck with your truck driving!! :)

Stuart Lennon
Passed 20th February 2020


Way to go Stuart!!

Keepin' it in the family! ;)

Shannon Mike Sword Driver Training Driving Instructor Lessons Polmont Falkirk Shannon
Passed 13th January 2020


Way to go, Shannon!   A Clean sheet!  WOW!!

What a fabulous way to start the new year! 

Ciaran Chisholm
Passed 31st December 2019


Brilliant!  Well done!!

What a fabulous way to start 2020!!

Liam Irwin
Passed 6th December 2019


Keeping the Irwin tradition alive! ;)


Well done Liam!!

Matthew Mark
Passed 13th November 2019


A most excellent result Matthew.


Well done! :D

Joseph Westwater
Passed 7th November 2019


Yay!   We got there! ;)


Well done Jo! (y)

Ronan Allison
Passed 28th October 2019


Well done Ronan!

Way to go!! :D

Thomas Dalgleish
Passed 30th August 2019


Excellent result!   Mum will be so happy!!


Well done Thomas! :)

Darren Lumsden
Passed 21st August 2019


Brilliant Result!


Well done, Darren!! :)

Jon Hughes
Passed 7th August 2019


At last ...LoL!! ;)


Well done, John!!

Jasmine Arndts
Passed 31st July 2019


Well done Jasmine!   Well deserved!!

Just sorry I couldn't be there from hospital!

Ryan Fleming
Passed 29th July 2019


Well done Ryan!  Football freedom!! ;)

Just sorry I couldn't be there from hospital!

Talhah Ghaffar
Passed 20th June 2019


Eh up!!  There's a bus! ;)

Great result!  Nice one Talhah!

Jamie Taylor
Passed 14th June 2019


Excellent stuff!

Well done Jamie!! 

Jaryd Gardiner
Passed 29th May 2019


Way to go Jaryd!!


Nae hills! ;)

Amy McCulloch
Passed 15th May 2019


Way to go Amy!! :)

So glad to have been of help!

Sorry I couldn't be there!

Olivia Stevenson
Passed 1st May 2019


Way to go Olivia!

Chuffed to bits for ya!! :D

Kallum Cheyne
Passed 16th April 2019


Brilliant result!!

Mum & Paul will bepleased! ;)

Well done!!

Melissa Oliver
Passed 12th April 2019


Well done Melissa!

I had every faith in you! :D

Megan Black
Passed 28th March 2019


See!!   Knew you could!!

Well done Megan! 

Philip Marshall
Passed 1st March 2019


Way to go Philip!

A magnificent result!! 

Matthew McCulloch
Passed 18th February 2019


Well done Matthew!


Just sorry I oouldn't be there!

Ashley Fielder
Passed 6th February 2019

Way to go, Ashley!

A most excellent result!! :)

Holly Newlands
Passed 29th January 2019

Well done Holly!!

A fabulous result!! :)

Karen Taljard
Passed 29th January 2019

Well done Karen!

Fantastic!! What a grin!! :D

Hazel Griffiths
Passed 18th January 2019

Well done Hazel!!

Chuffed to bits for ya!! :D

Cameron Tonner
Passed 3rd January 2019

Well done, Cameron!

Now, that's how to start a New Year!!! :D

Angharad Skirton
Passed 28th December 2018


Welldone, Angharad!!


Jut sorry I couldn't be there to share your success!

Callum Laird
Passed 13th December 2018


Well done Callum!   Fabulous result!   Good job you weren't supersticious at 13:13!! ;)

Just sorry I couldn't be there to share your success.

Alan Wighton
Passed 8th November 2018


Way to go, Alan!

A fabulous birthday pressie!! :)

Cameron Gray
Passed 26th September 2018


Most excellent result, Cameron!!


...despite the 'DUEL' type truck! ...LoL!

Alison Duncan
Passed 3rd September 2018


A Ha-Ha-Happy Dance!   Brilliant!!


Well done Alison!!

Alyx Johnstone
Passed 16th August 2018


The best result!


Well done Alyx!!

Garrett Ure
Passed 13th August 2018


Way to go, Garrett!


Nicely done!! :)

Eilidh McCall
Passed 16th July 2018


1st class result!!

Well done Eilidh! Laughing

Jake Laird
Passed 7th June 2018


Way to go, Jake!

A brilliant result!! Laughing

Andrew Fleming
Passed 29th May 2018

Just the best mark possible!! Wink

Well done Andrew!!

Amy Hogg
Passed 23rd May 2018

Fabulous result!  Well done Laughing

Now operating as 'Amy's Cabs'!! ...LoL!

Callum Lyon
Passed 5th January 2018

What a fabulous start to the New Year!

Well done Callum!! Laughing

Alan Hill
Passed 11th October 2016

Great Result, Alan!

Got it!! Laughing

Alan Scobbie Mike Sword Driver Training Alan Scobbie
Passed 16th August 2011

Great marks, Alan!

Well done!


Adam Young
Passed 4th September 2014

Way to go, Adam!

What a challenge ...but you rose to the occasion!!

Alison Graham Mike Sword Driver Training Alison Graham
Passed 22nd December 2011

Well done, Alison!

...now you can promise the kids that trip to McDonalds!!


Amanda Grant Mike Sword Driver Training Amanda Grant
Passed 10th April 2012


...and it SNOWED!!

Great Result!   Well done, Amanda!

Andrew Bryce
Passed 1st August 2017

Way to go, Andrew!!

Brilliant result! Laughing

Andrew Dougall
Passed 21st July 2014

Way to go, Andrew!!

 A fantastic mark on the sheet!!

Andrew Macdonald
Passed 11th June 2014

What a 'nice' drive!

Happy adventuring in China!!

Andrew Macleod
Passed 31st January 2017

The 'M's worked well ...LoL!

Way to go, Andrew!!Laughing

Andrew Morrison Mike Sword Driver Training Andrew Morrison
Passed 13th January 2012

Way to go, Andrew!

...and who says Friday the 13th was a bad day for the Driving Test ...LoL!!


Andrew Morton
Passed 23rd February 2016

Way to go Andrew!!

Made the early rise so worthwhile! 

Andrew Murphy
Passed 11th September 2014

Brilliant result!!

Well done Andy!!

Andy McGale Mike Sword Falkirk Driving Instructor Andy McGale
Passed 31st October 2013

Not such a scarey day after all!!

Great result, Andy!!

Angus McIntyre
Passed 26th June 2014

Great result!

Keeping the side up!!

Angus Nicholson
Passed 26th July 2017

Well done Angus!

Excellent result! Laughing

Angus Rankin
Passed 29th January 2016

Crackin' start to the new year!

A chance to beat all those train delays now!! ;)

Anna O'Donnell
Passed 28th November 2016

Way to go Anna!

Could you have got a better mark!!? Wink

Passed 10th February 2017

Unexpected? ...NOT!   

Well done Laughing

Ashley O'Neill
Passed 6th January 2016

Well done Ashley!

A fabulous way to start the New Year!!

Billy Stevenson Mike Sword Driver Training Billy Stevenson
Passed 30th April 2011

Nice one, Billy!  Well done!

Looking forward to your Pass Plus Course


Billy Taylor Billy Taylor
Passed 18th March 2011

Fantastic Billy!   Well chuffed for you!

The kids will appreciate this so much!!


Brendon Winning
Passed 2nd May 2017

Way to go Brendon!
Now THAT's a Birthday present!! Laughing

Brian McPhee
Passed 17th December 2014

What a marvelous Christmas present and start to the New Year!

Well done!!

Callum Reid
Passed 4th June 2015

What a fabulous result!!

 Way to go, Callum!!

Bryan Muir Mike word Falkirk Driving Instructor Driver Training Bryan Muir
Passed 6th May 2014

What a fabulous result!

Brilliant effort!!

Abbie Milne Mike Sword Falkirk Driving Instructor Abbie Milne
Passed 25th October 2013

What a great mark, Abbie!

Well done!!

Cameron Stone Mike Sword Driving Instructor Falkirk Cameron Stone
Passed 22nd June 2013

Great drive, Cameron!

Way to go!!

Chantelle Mair Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Driving Chantelle Mair
Passed 8th August 2013

Way To Go Chantelle!!

The smile says it all :D

Cheryl Thompson Cheryl Thompson
Passed 8th July 2011

Well done Cheryl!!!  

I'm so glad to have helped you and Paul get through your tests first time!!   It has been a pleasure!


Chris James Mike Sword Driver Training Chris James
Passed 30th July 2011

Well done, Superman!!

A great relaxed drive!


Chris MacMillan
Passed 21st September 2017

Way to go Chris!!
You can 'take-off' with a result like that! Laughing

Chris Stewart
Passed 29th November 2011

Goes to show that listening to Led Zep in the morning helps you pass your test :)

Well done, Chris!!


Christopher Lenathen Mike Sword Driver Training Christopher Lenathen
Passed 10th November 2011

Excellent result, Chris!

Enjoy your drives to St Andrews and back!!


Clare Moller
Passed 11th October 2016

Great result, Claire!

Enjoy the new freedom!! Laughing

Connor Rennie Mike Sword Driver Training Connor Rennie
Passed 29th November 2011

Despite the torrential rain, the flooding, the broken down van, the blue-light ambulance ...and the car wanting to 'play chicken'!!

Still passed!!!!

Way to go, Connor!!


Conor Grace Mike Sword Falkirk Driving Instructor Conor Grace
Passed 13th February 2014

Roadworks everywhere!!  ...and all kinds of weather!!
Not a problem!

Way to go, Conor!

Conor McDermott
Passed 21st June 2014

Brilliant result!!

Best of luck in the new job!!

Corey Hay
Passed 3rd December 2015

Way to go, Corey!
Great to be able to help Mum out!

Corrigan Appleton
Passed 4th March 2017

Fabulous result!!

Well done, Corrigan!! Laughing

Craig Bell Mike Sword Driver Training Craig Bell
Passed 14th June 2012


Wonderful stuff, Craig!!

What a grin! :D   The kids WILL be so proud of you!!

Craig Finnegan
Passed 27th October 2015

Great result Craig!!

No. More. Buses. ...LoL!

Craig Knight Mike Sword Driver Training Craig Knight
Passed 16th April 2013

Way to go, Craig!

Congratulations on a first time pass!!
This does look familiar ;)

Craig Lapsley Mike Sword Driver Training Craig Lapsley
Passed 15th June 2011

Excellent!!   Flyin' high, Craig!!

...now go get your Pilot's Licence!!  Will it be easier?!


Cris Kallus Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Lessons Cris Kallus
Passed 27th August 2013

Way to go, Cris!

Bet that was a surprise for everyone !!

Daisy Hunter
Passed 17th November 2017

Well done Daisy! Laughing

You'll be running 'Daisy's Cabs' now ...LoL!

Dale Barr
Passed 26th August 2016

Way to go, Dale!!

Fab Result! Laughing

Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Instructor Daniel Brown Daniel Brown
Passed 7th June 2013

An excellent drive with a good score!

Nice one, Daniel!   Well done!!

Daniel Miglans
Passed 16th February 2016

Well done, Daniel!

Really couldn't have got a better mark!!

Darren Hale Mike Sword Driving Instructor Falkirk Darren Hale
Passed 16th January 2014

Confidently performed and a brilliant result!

Well done, Darren!!

Davey McFadden
Passed 8th March 2017

Sorted!!   Fab Result!!
Well done Davey!! Laughing

David Hutchison
Passed 24th November 2017


Freedom!! ...LoL!

Great result David! Well done!Laughing

Eilidh Wotherspoon
Passed 2nd December 2015

Smooth a drive as can be!
Way to go, Eilidh!!

Emma Jane Griffith Mike Sword Driver Training Emma Jane Griffith
Passed 15th December 2011

Well done, Emma!!

I look forward to your Pass Plus course!!


Euan Orr Mike Sword Driver Training Euan Orr
Passed 15th December 2011

WOW!! Clean sheet - Zero Faults!!!!

...and now having passed your test, you can shave the beard off!! 


Eve Dalgety
Passed 17th August 2017

Way to go, Eve!

A very cool result! Laughing

Eve Wilson
Passed 9th January 2017

Happiest face ever!! Laughing

Way to go, Eve!

Finn Crossley-Jones
Passed 23rd October 2014

A few challenges in your way ...no problem!

Great result!!

Fraser Newlands
Passed 30th November 2016

Chuffed to bits for you!

Made it look easy! Wink

Gary Munro
Passed 4th March 2015

Early bird catches the worm!

Well done, Gary!

Gavin Ball
Passed 2nd November 2017

Way to go, Gavin!

The world is now your oyster! Laughing

George Flanagan Mike Sword Falkirk Driving School Instructor George Flanagan
Passed 10th August 2013

Fabulous!!   What a month, George!

New job too!! :D

Gillian Anderson
Passed 26th July 2016

Congratulations and well done!! Laughing

Gordon Riley Mike Sword Driving Instructor School Falkirk Gordon Riley
Passed 23rd December 2013

Way to go, Gordon!!

A Merry Christmas indeed!!

Graeme Clark Mike Sword Driver Training Graeme Clark
Passed 8th June 2012


A proud moment with a clean sheet!!!

Great result, Graeme!   Well done!!

Graham Reid
Passed 21st January 2016

The perfect result!
A clean sheet!!

WAY. TO GO. Graham!!!

Greig McConachie
Passed 20th March 2017

What a great score!

Way to go Greig!Laughing

Heather Ward
Passed 2nd November 2016

What a result!!

Chuffed to bits for you!! Laughing

Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Driving Instructor Lessons Holly Steel Holly Steel
Passed 15th June 2015

Knew you could do it!!   Well done!


Bet the family were suprised!!

Iain Carson-Brown
Passed 12th November 2014

Great Result, Iain!

THAT smile says it all!!

Iain McLeay
Passed 11th November 2015

How all test drives dhou8ld be!   Very Cool!


Well done, Iain!!

Jack Whelan
Passed 17th June 2014

Way To Go, Jack!

'Potted' a fabulous result there!

Jack Winning
Passed 15th August 2012


Great result, Jack!

Good luck in Aberdeen!!

Jade Nixon Mike Sword Fakirk Driving Instructor Training Jade Nixon
Passed 15th January 2014

Fabulous result!

Way to go, Jade!!

James Grace
Passed 21st December 2015

Best Christmas present ...ever! :)

Nice one James!

James Wilson
Passed 19th October 2017

Way to go James!

A fabulous result! Laughing

Jamie Boyle
Passed 14th May 2016

Way to go Jamie!, Fab result!

Watch out Ibiza! Wink

Jamie Scott Mike Sword Driver Training Jamie Scott
Passed 7th November 2011

Congratulations, Jamie!

Enjoy you new found freedom!


Jamie Weir
Passed 8th November 2018


Way to go, Jamie!


...and a well deserved grin!! :D

Mike Sword Driver Training Driving Instructor Falkirk Jason Brownless
Passed 21st February 2014

Way to go, Jason!

An excellent start to a grand year!

Jason Leishman
Passed 24th February 2015

Well done, Jason!

Great result!!

Jay McMahon
Passed 12th May 2015

Way to go, Jay!!

A great result!!

Jean McGow
Passed 21st June 2017

Fabulous result Jean!

Now enjoy what the world has to offer! Laughing

Jenna French Mike Sword Driver Training Jenna French
Passed 27th October 2012


Way to go, Jenna!

Enjoy your new found freedom!!

Jenna Tomanek
Passed 1st August 2014

Couldn't have got a better score, Jenna!

A life changing result ...fabulous!!

Jermaine Turnbull
Passed 10th March 2015

Family cabs-r-us!!

Brilliant result, Jermaine!

Jodie Anderson Mike Sword Driving Instructor Falkirk Jodie Anderson
Passed 11th November 2013

Roadworks, roadworks everywhere!!
Nae problem!

Great result, Jodie!

Jodie Wright
Passed 22nd December 2017

New Test!   Great Result!!

Merry Christmas, Jodie!! Laughing

John Heeps Mike Sword Driver Training John Heeps
Passed 23rd February 2012


Brilliant, John!

Good luck with your new job ventures!

John McLaughlin
Passed 11th October 2017

Best Day Ever!!

Chuffed for the boys! Laughing

Jonny Mitchell
Passed 16th August 2017

Jonny drove well today!

Jonny passed his Driving Test!

Be like Jonny! Wink

Jonny Smith Mike Sword Driver Training Jonny Smith
Passed 11th September 2012


Well done Jonny!

The Sun doth shine on your success!!

Jordan French
Passed 2nd July 2014

Way to go, Jordan!

All that 'scootering' about sure paid off!!

Jordan Mitchell Mike Sword Driving Instructor Falkirk Jordan Mitchell
Passed 15th November 2013

Well done, Jordan!
No more 'mum-runs' to football!!

Great result!

Jude Drury
Passed 26th June 2018


Way to go Jude!

A great result!! Laughing

Karen Myles Mike Sword Driver Training Karen Myles
Passed 19th September 2012


Way to go, Karen!!

The kids will be well pleased!!!

Karolina Kacmar
Passed 31st October 2016

Quite simply a life changing result!!

Well done Karolina Laughing

Kat Tarrier
Passed 20th November 2017

Happiness abounds! Laughing

Fabulous result, Kat!   Well done

Kathryn Sharp
Passed 30th May 2018


Wonderful result!!

I am so, so pleased for you!! Laughing

Katie Hannah
Passed 14th August 2015

THAT smile makes it all worthwhile!!

Way to go, Katie!!

Katy Andrews Katy Andrews
Passed 24th February 2011

Way to go, Katy!!!  

Enjoy your car shopping!!


Kenneth Heap Mike Sword Falkirk Driving Instructor Kenneth Heap
Passed 10th December 2012


Brilliant, Kenny!!

Now go get that van to transport the drumkit!!

Kieran Anderson
Passed 25th October 2017

Shy boy! Wink

Would rather show off his CLEAN SHEET!! ...LoL!
Nice one Kieran!!

Kieran Miller Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Driving Instructor Lessons Kieran Miller
Passed 2nd July 2014

Brilliant result!!

Even the 'blue light coppers' didn't phase you!!

Kirsten Farquhar
Passed 23rd September 2016

Fabulous result!

A top driver!! Smile

Kirsten Moodie Mike Sword Driver Training Kirsten Moodie
Passed 14th January 2012

Well done, Kirsten!
I hope your shoulder's recovered from your 'jump for joy'!!

...was it really that early in the morning?


Kirsten Paterson
Passed 22nd September 2015

Way to go Kirsten!!

Well done for sailing through!!

Kriss Dolan
Passed 27th June 2014

Fantastic result!

Has it sunk in yet??

Laura Bates
Passed 29th February 2016

More than just a special date, Laura!

Well chuffed! ...Way to go!!!

Laura Mackay Mike Sword Falkirk Driving Instructor Laura Mackay
Passed 13th November 2013

Could you have got a better mark?!!   Darn signal!
That grin says it all!!!

Brilliant result, Laura!

Laurie Martin
Passed 9th November 2018


Fabulous result, Laurie!

Way. To. Go.!!

Lee McDonald
Passed 9th April 2018

Fabulous result! Laughing

Gonna change your world!! 

Lewis Allan Mike Sword Driver Training Lewis Allan
Passed 7th May 2013

Way to go, Lewis!

Now there's a "happy looking chappy"!!

Lewis Bryce
Passed 25th February 2015

Fabulous, Lewis!

It all went to plan!!

Lewis Lochrie Mike Sword Driver Training Lewis Lochrie
Passed 30th July 2012


That's the proud smile of success!

Well done, Lewis!!

Libby McMeekin
Passed 13th November 2017

Wow!   What a grin! Laughing

...and what a fablous mark!

Linzi Allan Mike Sword Driver Training Linzi Allan
Passed 12th January 2012

Well done, Linzi!

What a start to the New Year!!

Good luck with all the new ventures your licence provides! :))


Lisa Alexander
Passed 28th April 2016

Fabulous!!  Laughing

Well done Lisa!! 

Louise Dickson Mike Sword Driver Training Louise Dickson
Passed 4th September 2012


Well done Louise!

I had every faith in you!!

Louise Muir
Passed 15th June 2015

Well done Louise, if a little shy! ;)
The perseverence paid off!!

Luke Powell
Passed 21st August 2018


Yay!  No more soggy bike rides!!

Well done, Luke!!

Megan Hamilton
Passed 5th May 2017

 What a birthday weekend! 

 Fabulous result!   Well done Megan Laughing

Lynsey Hansford Mike Sword Driver Training Lynsey Hansford
Passed 30th May 2013

Brilliant picture ...well done Lynsey!!

Family life will never be the same....!
"Take me for an ice cream, Mum!!"

Lynsey Pitts
Passed 17th February 2017

Fabulous result!!
Baby brain disengaged! Wink

Marco Lorenzetti
Passed 5th October 2018


Way to go, Marco!!


The perfect birthday present!   Yay!!

Mike Sword Driving Instructor Falkirk Marianna Vegvari
Passed 20th February 2014

Fantastic result!!

What a fabulous birthday present!!

Martin Wilson Mike Sword Driving Instructor Lessons Falkirk Martin Wilson
Passed 4th April 2014

Nicely done, Martin!

Way to go!!!

Matthew Hynes
Passed 4th February 2017

Nervous?   You rocked it!!

Way to go, Matthew! Laughing

Melanie Hoskins
Passed 16th December 2016

See!   You Passed!! 

Well done Mel!! Laughing

Melissa Lennon
Passed 7th March 2017

Just brilliant!!

That big grin says it all!! Laughing

Melissa Stevenson
Passed 10th September 2011

Congratulations Melissa!

So glad to have been part of your joy!!


Mhairi Williamson
Passed 14th August 2018


Such a fabulous result!  :D


Way to go, Mhairi!!

Michael Crook
Passed 8th May 2018

Way to go, Michael!! Laughing

Here's to success in London!

Michael Dobson Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Instructor Michael Dobson
Passed 22nd March 2014

Fabulous mark on the sheet!!

Way to go, Michael!!

Michael Small Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Instructor Michael Small
Passed 21st February 2014

Brilliant result!

Enjoy your summer ;)

Michael Snedden Michael Snedden
Passed 2nd June 2011

A great pass, and a pleasure to train you!

Well done, Michael!!


Michelle McLean
Passed 25th January 2018

What a joyous grin! Laughing

Fantastic result Michelle!!

Mike Fitzpatrick Driving Instructor Lessons Falkirk Mike Fitzpatrick
Passed 28th September 2013

Way to go, Mike!!

"...and lo, the fog did lift!"

Morgan Bell
Passed 17th August 2017

Nice one, Morgan!

Well done! Laughing

Morvyn McMillan
Passed 16th October 2014

Brilliant result!

This will make a big difference!!

Natalie Brown
Passed 28th July 2014

Fabulous result, Natalie!

That yelllow Fiat 500 WILL be yours!!

Nathan Murphy Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Instructor Nathan Murphy
Passed 16th December 2013

What a fabulous mark!!

Way to go, Nathan!!

Nicola Dowie
Passed 4th May 2017

Looking'proud as punch'...and rightly so!

What a score!!   Well done Nicola! Laughing

Noemie Grollimund
Passed 30th October 2018


Well done Noemie!


C'est Magnifique!!

Nuala Robinson
Passed 16th March 2018

Just a great result!!

Wonderful news for all the family!  Laughing

Olivia McDonald
Passed 13th June 2018



Well done, Olivia!! Laughing

Owen Swift
Passed 13th March 2018

Fabulous result!!

Well done Owen!! Laughing

Paul Gleave Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Paul Gleave
Passed 21st November 2012


Way to go, Paul!

First Test at the new Grangemouth Test Centre and an excellent Pass Mark!!

Peter Dickie
Passed 6th August 2018


Way to go, Peter!

Chuffed to bits for ya!!

Peter Wood Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Peter Wood
Passed 29th November 2012


Great result, Peter!

Looking forward to working with you on Pass Plus!

Rachael Wilkie
Passed 24th April 2017

Well done Rachael!

What a fabulous result! Laughing

Rebecca Griffith
Passed 30th August 2016

Brilliant result!!
Way to go,Rebecca! Laughing

Ricky Stacey
Passed 30th November 2017

Just in time and a great result!

Well done Ricky! Laughing

Robbie Dewar
Passed 29th October 2014

Way to go Robbie!

Great result keeping the side up!

Robert Fordham
Passed 13th June 2017

Fab Result Robert!

Way to go!! Laughing

Robert Punton
Passed 21st August 2012


Thankfully Stirling worked out for you!

Well done, that man!!

Roseanna Griffith
Passed 27th August 2015

The excitement in this picture says it all!

Fabulous result, Roseanna!!

Ross Lorentson
Passed 18th April 2016


Way to go, Ross!! :D

Looking forward to PassPlus!

Ross McDonald
Passed 24th January 2017

Just a brilliant result!!

Well done done Ross! Laughing

Rowen Crawford
Passed 13th February 2017

What possibly could've gone wrong? ...LoL!

Very well done! Laughing

Ryan Irwin Mike Driving School Falkirk Ryan Irwin
Passed 2nd February 2013


First test of 2013 ...and a first time PASS!!

Way to go Ryan! :)

Sabrina Johnston Mike Sword Driver Training Sabrina Johnston
Passed 24th September 2012


Way to go, Sabrina!!

What a difference this will make for the family & professionally!!

Sam Maclennan Falkirk Driving Instructor Sam Maclennan
Passed 27th January 2014

Well done, Sam!

An excellent drive with an excellent mark!!!

Sam Paxton
Passed 15th September 2014

Way to go, Sam!

Flying high!!

Saul Messer Saul Messer
Passed 14th July 2011

Way to go, Saul!!

I'm looking forward to your Pass Plus Course!


Scott Hamilton
Passed 23rd March 2015

Way to go, Scott!!

Now you can fair travel to all those gigs! :)

Scott O'Donnell
Passed 14th March 2017

Most excellent result!

Well done Scott! Laughing

Scott Ritchie Scott Ritchie
Passed 1st April 2011

Good one Scott!!

The kids will have fabulous weekend now!!


Scott Wilson Mike Sword Driver Training Scott Wilson
Passed 25th October 2011

Way to go, Scott!!

I'm so glad the advice helped ;) !!


Shannen Stevenson
Passed 15th June 2017

Now THAT's a result!!!!

Fantastic!!! Laughing

Simon Mowatt
Passed 1st March 2017

...and then I got back from my hols! ...LoL!

Way to go Simon!! Laughing

Sophie Lamond Mike Sword Falkirk Driver Training Instructor Sophie Lamond
Passed 30th December 2013

Brilliant Result!!

What a fabulous start to the New Year!!

Stephanie Brown
Passed 7th June 2016

Proud as punch for you ...and especially Aaron!

Well done!! Laughing

Stephanie MacLeod Mike Sword Driver Training Falkirk Instructor Stephanie MacLeod
Passed 8th October 2013

Well done, Stephanie!!

Enjoy your new found freedom!

Stephanie Rushford
Passed 18th August 2012


The joyous smile says it all!!

Well done!!

Stephen Gray
Passed 27th April 2017

Well done Stephen!

Chuffed to bits for ya!Laughing

Stephen Johnson
Passed 24th May 2017

Nice one Stephen!!

Way to go!! Laughing

Steven Cadger Mike Sword Driver Training Steven Cadger
Passed 6th March 2012


Everyone in the car!   ...and still passed!!

Nice one, Steven!

Steven MacDonald Mike Sword Driving Instructor Falkirk Steven MacDonald
Passed 17th February 2014

Great Result!!

Enjoy your Slamannan Rd adventures!! ;)

Stuart Knight Mike Sword Driver Training Stuart Knight
Passed 3rd April 2013

Way to go, Stuart!

Congratulations on a first time pass!  
This may look familiar ;)

Stuart Penman Stuart Penman
Passed 1st April 2011

Way to go Stuart!!

Looking forward to starting Pass Plus next week!


Tom Dallas passed with Mike Sword Driver Training Tom Dallas
Passed 28th April 2011

Way to go, Tom!!!

I look forward to the Pass Plus Course before the Summer


Tony McGuire Mike Sword Driver Training Tony McGuire
Passed 9th February 2012

Your patience paid off!   Way to go, Tony!!

I look forward to your Pass Plus Course!!


Toshiaki Mackay
Passed 4th September 2018


A splendid result!


Well done, Toshi! :D

Uzma Arshad
Passed 18th January 2017

The start of what will be a wonderful year!


Well done Uzma!! Laughing

Zaki Ausat
Passed 5th June 2018


The perfect score! Laughing

Brilliant result, Zaki!  Well done!!

Victoria Wilkie
Passed 13th January 2017

Just the best result!

Way to go, Victoria! Laughing

Zoe Reid
Passed 17th October 2016

Success!! ...and what  score!!

Way to go, Zoe!! Laughing

Driving Instructor Falkirk Vikram Singh
Passed 30th December 2013

...and it DID rain!!
An excellent drive and the smile says it all!!
Way to go, Vikram!

Douglas Allan Douglas Allan
Passed 19th February 2011

Rock On Douglas!

Just don't play that music too loud in your new car!!


Neil Bremner Neil Bremner
Passed 18th February 2011

Well done Neil!   Even at that time of the morning!!

I look forward to seeing you in April for Pass Plus.


Katie Stewart Katie Stewart
Passed 16th February 2011

Way to go Katie!!

I look forward to seeing you in March for your Pass Plus course.


Robin Cameron Robin Cameron
Passed 5th February 2011

Well done Robin!  

All the very best for your adventures in Katowice & Krakow!


Callum Mcdonald Callum Mcdonald
Passed 27th January 2011

Well done Callum!  

Just keep remembering what you learned on the bike too!


2010 Roll of Honour
Congratulations and Well Done to Everyone!!
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